How to earn money by blogging

Blogging is a way to earn money by creating image post and add them on website.blogging help in marketing management system.Blogger simply earn money 💰🤑.

Do you want to become a blogger?

first you have to simply make a website.Choose your blog name first and then create best content of it .

Pick a simple theme for it and then apply it.Then add plugin in it.

Most important plugin yoast SEO 😌code snippet.

Many bloggers easily make money by making educational website.You have any query you simple go on Google search bar and search about question then Google show many website these websites have different answer for one question in which some are blogger website which they use to make money can also earn money by making a website easily you have to learn how to make a website ?

You can learn this from YouTube and also learn about Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?😌

Google AdSense is a platform which pay the blogger and vloggers but here is a bit difference between blogger and vloggers

Bloggers writing content on their website and vloggers make vedio on their content so many people use word of blogger for vloggers.

First you have to buy a domain for you can buy domain by namecheap and hostinger these domains can be used for a year there are types of domain.I explain you for your help.


Domain is a IP address protocol of any website.This is specific for any website.

How to earn money by blogging

There are many types of,,org etc.There are many types of domain but .com domain is know as top level domain.You have to buy a domain without domain you have not visit a room.Domain is manage by the ICCAN you can register a domain by paying a Amount and then you can you use it for a year before it expire and then once it expire then you have to buy it again.ICCAN are companies which register and sell the domain.

Why I need domain?

Domain help in marketing and promotion of your website because it enhance the user of website .

Top level domain

Country code top level domain

Generic Top level domain

Top level domain

.com domain are know Ase top level domain also know As TLD.It is used in many website, for educational website top level domain use mostly.

Country code top level domain

Country code top level domain is used to show country for , it represents country it is used for business purpose ,

Generic Top level domain

GTLD is used in political and business purpose real,

What is hosting

Hosting is a server provider for all Website.You can’t use website without hosting .When you buy hosting you have one thing in your mind easy to use it’s price and load time.

There are different type of hosting

First shared hosting

Shared hosting is cheapest and easy to use you can buy shared hosting in few dollar and you have to pay few dollar for a month.It is used for beginners.For example a blue host charge 2.99 $per month.It is suitable for low traffic site.

Best manage word press hosting 

Best manage word press hosting is the best hosting to get hight traffic on your site and it help to reach specific content.

Virtual private server 

Virtual private server is best for those who want best form shared hosting they can use this hosting.

These are some hosting i explained in my blog.

When you learn about hosting and domain you can easily buy a suitable domain for your website and suitable hosting then after making a website with good theme ,domain ,hosting you have to write a content and make a post of 1000 word per post because you want to prove your website form Google policy if you copy content from other site then your AdSense doesn’t approve form Google and you can’t start earn money from blogging.

How to earn money by blogging

For starting blogging you have to increase your content knowledge when you write it and know about your goal.

For making a post you simply open your wordpress and add new post then you open a blank post

First you have to write the title of post

Then you start writing about your blog you can make your post beautiful by adding pictures and link on it.

Then you have to post it on your wordpress if you follow Google policy and Google approved your website then you get AdSense account.

When new fresh adsense you get you have to prevent it for adlimit when you start earning from your website then when your dollar reach 10$ AdSense ask about your identity your I’d card and number provide for it after month it require a special code for Google AdSense which reach to your address in month after two month may be any time according to your address.Then after you earn money 💰 then avoid invalid clicking and invalid source of traffics.

If you make traffic by your social media account then you get restrict by Google for a month may be your account temporary disable for a month

These are the hurdle you can face in blogging.

Organic traffic source increase your earning you can make money by it easily if you make a link of your website and promote it.

Google AdSense is a program which provide earning for blogger.

After start earning how you get paid from Google AdSense? You have to generate a revenue about 100$ then first payment you get from Google AdSense.

But there are many hurdles you faced according to your first time because I also faced it.

So you have to patience about your work then you can earn money by it .if you learn about digital marketing then you also promote your website easily on many other site.

I can guide you about many skill as like digital marketing and Google AdSense.

Blogging the best way to earn money at home easily.💰💰❤️you can easily make money with work at home.