How to earn by digital marketing

Digital marketing is a platform which help you to earn money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ€‘by using social media platform and internet 😌.

Digital marketing is very useful technology.It help to promote the business and marketing of products.You can work as digital marketer it helps you to earn money.A Digital marketer increase brand awareness and lead generate by different channels.Digital marketer create post and content about brands and promote it on social media platform it increase the sale of company.Β 

There are many types of marketing

Social media marketing

Digital marketing

WhatsApp marketing

Facebook marketing

Youtube marketing

Email marketing

You can learn about marketing and earn money easily at home by doing some work

You can work in a company of marketing agency and also work as freelancer at home you can easily earn money if you have skill of marketing.

Do you know about freelancing?

Freelancing is a platform where a freelancer which have skill easily earn money by giving service to other countries.freelancing provide best opportunity to freelancer to become independent.if you learn freelancing then you open a door of earning for you.

I can help you to learn about freelancing and marketing step by step if you are can explore many projects according to you by freelancing.

There are many platform



And many other site which help you to take project from outside from country and earn money in dollar πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’΅.You are own your boss no time limit you can work easily according to your time table and you have more passion and get more money according to your energy no fix salary issues.You can earn lakh ten lakh according to your energy.If you have internet and you have skill then why are you waiting for learn skill and earn money it is a better chance to became independent.For becoming a freelancer you have to make your portfolio and make best projects ☺️☺️ it helps you to take more projects according to your skill.

Where you receive payment of your work?

This question ⁉️ arouse in your mind then most important question. You can get your payments easily in your bank account.It is a secure method to get your payments.

You can learn freelance by Digi skill and also learn from ehsas program which helps you to learn many skill.

Graphic designing

Digital marketing

Ms officeΒ 

Google AdSense


There are many other skill which you learn and grow yourself.

Now we go on your topic of digital marketing.

Digital marketing help you to earn money online ❀️

Digital marketing is easy to learn.

Effective targeting

Multiple strategies

Low cost high traffic

Increase your sale

Campaigns running

Localized area

Increase engagement of people πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

Digital marketing helps you to learn about people interest.

Many brands are working online as well as offline

There are many website which promotes brands cloth by marketing.

A digital marketer make a better content for their products and best image according to people, marketer make. Campaign for it then localize the area and increase the sale of brands.

First you learn how you do marketing on you tube on WhatsApp and email marketing.

Many people makes an ad and run it on many social media platform so the people saw ads and show interest in it.

When you watch you tube and then you saw ad on it of clothes and other item stores.

You show their interest in it and if you like a clothe then you instantly move to its website and check the price and if you look it is suitable for you then you buy it online ❀️

So the digital marketer helps the brands promotion easily.

Digital technology make people life easy because they communicate easily with each other by it and explore new things easily.By using your internet and mobile πŸ“² phone you can communicate all over the world 🌎 there are many benefits of it.

Digital marketing you learn easily by you tube full course of marketing is available on you tube.

WhatsApp marketing help the user to make promotion of agency company.

Everything is present in mobile πŸ“² phone.

You have mobile πŸ“² you are lucky if you use it’s right πŸ‘.

How to run you tube ads

You can make campaign to run ads on you tube then you easily increase the reach of people in specific areas.You can make campaign to run ads on you tube then you easily increase the reach of people in specific can do many other jobs also as freelancer you can make voice over,cyber security,low code development,SEO ,web design development.By freelancing you became self employed and easily earn money πŸ’ΈπŸ’°.


SEO helps you to target your keyword which increases the traffic on your website and suitable for a blogger in wordpress.


When you make your website and it approve by AdSense then you can make money by its promotion and traffic on you site there are many method to increase traffic on your site then it helps you to earn money easily .


Organic search and inorganic search


Organic search results helps to make Google optimization of your site and if you use your social media platform for their website traffic then it limit your site and cause disabling of your account.

You can also work on Amazon it is a biggest platform where you can do many work easily it is online business opportunity for you which helps you to earn money

You can work as virtual assistant on Amazon then you can also work on kdp on my other blog I will tell about kdp it is the best platform where form you can earn money.

Kdp Amazon Kindle help you to earn money by easily it is without investment and you can sale your books and earn money in your bank account it helps you to become self employed.

You can helo your home 🏠 easily and if you are house wife then also you can earn money at home easily.